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Ratheesh Decorations

Ratheesh decorations is an integrated event management company known for delivering outstanding events. Backed by 25 years of experience in events and wedding planning, we have planned hundreds of unique weddings.


Mehandi is one of the important pre-wedding rituals followed in many parts of India. It holds significance, primarily in the northern parts of the country, where henna is considered auspicious for festive occasions. Applying Mehandi is a symbol of good luck. Normally it is the custom for the bride, whose hand and legs are beautifully decorated with Mehandi paste. It is believed that more dark the color of Mehandi comes at the hand of the bride, lucky she is. This ceremony is held on the eve of the main wedding. While Mehandi is an indispensable part of the pre-marriage celebrations of Hindu and Muslim weddings, people following other religions have also adopted it, with the changing times. Since so much importance is associated with the ceremony, the home, where the party is hosted, should be decorated well, so that the festive mood is reflected in the place as well. Moreover, the Mehandi party should bring together all the right ingredients that allow the bride to relax a bit, so that she lets go her pre-wedding anxieties and enjoys a pleasant time with her family, friends and close relatives. Ratheesh Decorations just make the occasion stay in the hearts forever by customizing the modernity with family traditions, ensuring the best combination of folk and modern music, decor, dances, dresses and theme.